Richard Crowe – Writer

What has Richard Crowe got under his skin? 

I’m a displaced Essex boy who, having lived, worked and raised a family on the Levels over 25 years, considers Somerset as home. I moved here to run Bridgwater Arts Centre, a place I’m hugely fond of and am so pleased we worked in on this film. Since that time, I’ve been chair of the Brewhouse board of trustees; have previewed my one-man play, Over the Wall Picking Apples, at The David Hall, South Petherton; and have performed that play in venues all over the county and the South West. I feel, as they say, connected. Somerset and its theatre makers are in my blood and under my skin.

As a writer and producer, lockdown has proved to be an incredibly productive time for me, developing an online practice and profile. I’ve initiated a season of Theatre Nights, under the title The Digital Editionhave made a film documenting the development of Bipolar: The Musical Andy and I’s first project together) and the postponement of its first performances because of the virus; and have led and edited a six writer collaboration to chart Somerset’s response to coronavirus, Alternative EndingsAnd in January I’ll be producing a series of podcasts, between theatre makers, producers and venue managers, trying to envision a different future for the arts in Somerset – The New Normal – where’s that to?

In Search of Cinderella is so much about Somerset – the ‘ugly sister’ of the region, the county everyone drives through to get to Devon and Cornwall (if only they knew what they were missing!) – its venues and the theatre makers who live and work here. It’s an opportunity to give back to a county that has given me so much and the venues and people who have supported me through some pretty rough times (I had a breakdown in 2014 and was, eventually, diagnosed as bipolar). It’s a chance to say thank you and create a bit of light at the end of the dark tunnel of 2020.

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