Pauline Burr – Production Manager

Somerset Through-and-Through

I studied graphics at Leeds Poly, it was a bit of a mistake, not really my thing, but it was good to spend three year up north – a bit different from my home in rural Somerset – it was a real melting pot of cultures, creativity and a bit of chaos thrown in for good measure! I abandoned the Letraset and Layout pads for modelling clay and fabric, clearly I was never going to be a good graphic designer.

After toting round the portfolio, I eventually landed a job back home working as a designer in a museum; living museums and tableaux were the in thing at the time, which suited my style of working and I was really lucky to be part of a team of very skilled and talented people.

Marriage, family, freelance community arts and a couple of jobs in education later, I ended up working for South Somerset District Council, first as a Youth, Arts and Play Officer and then as an Arts Development Officer – more by default than design!! I think I’m more of a Jack of many (not all) trades, so getting to play with creative folk from so many disciplines has been an ideal career for me. I worked with painters and sculptors, actors, poets, musicians, graffiti artists, writers, film-makers, photographers, dancers, event co-ordinators, arts educators and all sorts of arts organisations, and played a small part in making some good projects happen. 

“In Search of Cinderella” was a chance to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in with a really talented group of people, some of them old friends and some new. My job was to do all the bits that didn’t fit into anyone else’s job description, and to make sure that the talent could focus on the creative stuff! ~ Great fun!!