Part Four: Dick Whittington

Mr Kingston Black’s Gurt BIG Pantomime Quiz

The answers are upside down at the bottom of the page

1. Apart from a pantomime, the story of Richard Whittington and his cat has been told in numerous other ways – can you name three of them? (1 point each, 3 points in all)

2. What is the name of Dick’s cat?

3. Dick goes to London, because he has been told the streets are paved with… what substance?

4. Alderman Fitzwarren gives Dick a job. What is the Alderman’s daughter’s name?

5. Like many traditional pantos, Dick Whittington has a goody, and a baddy. What are their names? (2 points)

6. According to panto tradition, from which side of the stage do the goody and the baddy enter? (2 points)

7. Which of these names has not been given to the dame in Dick Whittington?

Cecily Suet

Sarah the Cook

Teena Tiramisu

8. Where is The Saucy Sally shipwrecked?

9. What message did Dick hear in the chimes of Bow bells?

10. Leela Bunce (Prince Charming/Fairy Godmother) and Ged Stephenson (Ivana/Dandini) have worked together on another show before In Search Of Cinderella. What was the name of that show? You might find it helpful to look on the website here.

A total of 15 points possible