Leela Bunce – The Prince/The Fairy

on the Truly Spectacular Creative People of Somerset

I am another migrant to Somerset, having moved from south London a decade ago. I have spent a good deal of that decade up to my eyebrows in nappies and laundry but whenever possible I have jumped head-first into theatre projects, often with a small human strapped to my front. There are some truly spectacular creative people in this county, making great work, making stuff happen for themselves and creating opportunities for others, and putting Somerset on the map. I am continually impressed with the resilience, resourcefulness, innovation and welcoming attitude to new faces that I see in the arts scene here in Somerset.

I am a clown and this has been my bread and butter for many years, working in cabaret and theatre in London and around the UK. My solo clown show Waiting for Stanley toured the UK in 2015, and I am one-third of acclaimed cabaret collective The Bluestocking Society.Our show Secrets of the Bluestockings has been touring on-and-off since 2018 and will again once we can get the show on the road safely. Coming to Somerset I met fellow clown Ged Stephenson (who plays Dandini and Ivana) and knew that he was just as much of an idiot as me (he won’t mind me saying that) and so I was delighted that he agreed to devise The Library of Lost Memories with me, which we toured around the SW in 2019. He’s already mentioned in his biography that we now have plans to film that show, so I won’t mention that. Playing Prince Charming against Ged as Dandini was slightly like art imitating life, as I have a teeny-tiny tendency to be very slightly bossy.

Working on In Search of Cinderella was such a joy after a very challenging year. The opportunity to laugh my head off and be silly with such a brilliant team, to “put my face on” and stand under the lights onstage again was total balm for the soul and I’m so grateful for that. I know the show will raise spirits and make people laugh and everyone deserves a bit more of that right now. I hope you enjoy the show, I know you will.


Photo credit Guy Bellingham Photography