Ged Stephenson – Dandini/Ivana

The World Shaped Him, Somerset Made Him

Unlike Richard and Andy I am Somerset born and bred. Technically, this is not very accurate as I was born in the north-east of England and lived there until I was 23 years old before moving to London to attend Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. However, if you only consider the years 1986 onwards then I am most definitely Somerset born and bred.

The Serious Bit:

I have been lucky enough to work in a variety of roles with some extraordinary people. Like Andy, I worked in education for many years, working in schools, colleges and the university sector here in the UK as well as abroad. Within the performing arts industry I have experienced many sectors such as stand-up comedy, directing, clowning, writing and songwriting. I started out professionally with companies such as Live Theatre & Rolling Stock (both north east) before working with an array of wonderful and influential people in the UK, Russia, USA, Poland etc. A few years ago Leela ( Fairy & Prince Charming) and myself set up Shoebox Theatre Company which toured the south west with our show, Library of Lost Memories.

Next Bit:

Previous to that I worked on building a fifth wall for Bertolt Brecht but he didn’t like it and knocked it down. Inspired by TS Eliot/Webber’s musical Cats I started working on a Harold Pinter musical, Paws, but have yet to receive any funding. I also created a mini series for tv based in Somerset, called Where To?  I’m hoping shortly to write the follow-up: Where To 2?

I was hooked on the idea of working on In Search of Cinderella the moment Nick White issued those immortal words, ‘we’ll pay you’.

Back to being serious:

2021 has already lined up some interesting projects, despite the COVID situation. We’re hoping to make a film of Library of Lost Memories, I’m working with the amazing Trish Morrissey on her latest exhibition, directing (when the situation allows) Richard and Andy’s latest show and writing a one-person play.

Ps I’m sure my foot (as Ugly Sister) fitted the shoe …. just saying 😉. Happy New Year Everyone!